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The Clock

The Clock

The Clock

8 Responses to “The Clock”

  1. John

    This is beautiful, Richard. Not the usual tourist quality photo! Such a national treasure for you.

  2. Christy B

    Oh it’s stunning and you’ve capturing the glow of the green lights well 🙂

  3. The Photonomad

    Many thanks. Most people call this Big Ben but that’s the name of the large bell inside the tower now known (recently renamed) Elizabeth Tower. Has been known as simply the ‘clock tower’ or St Stephens Tower. All these different names just to confuse the tourists I think!

  4. The Photonomad

    Certainly is and it is a national treasure that is going to cost tax payers a fortune over the next few years. The whole Palace of Westminster is being refurbished at huge cost. The Palace it is build from Limestone (Anston) which was shipped down from the north of England. Later some of the stone was replaced with Clipsham stone from Rutland (Englands smallest county and where I grew up). Some parts of the Palace of Westminster were built recently around 1840 so a new build really. Other parts of the Palace of Westminster are a little older and were build by King Canute (or Canute the Great) around 1020. There have been several fires at the Palace over the years and it was bombed during WW2. Famously Guy Fawkes tried to blow the place up (and some still wish he’d succeeded!). King Canute (‘the Great’ 995-1035), by the way, was as deluded as our current Prime Minister because he thought he could turn back the tide because he had Kingly superpowers. Sadly, on the day he tried to hold back the tide by force of willpower, nobody told the tide and he probably got a soaking. Our Prime Minister is deluded in a different way and I think even she couldn’t turn back the tide (but I’m sure she would try if she thought it was in her political interest!!!). You know my feelings about politicians!

  5. John

    So many buildings in England are so old and rich with history. I’d love to see the palace. It seems worth the money to maintain the palace. I wonder how this woman was elected since so many seem to despise her so much.

  6. Christy B

    I appreciate the explanation. Yes, I can see how the confusion occurs! Not to be confused though is my well wishes I send to you for your weekend 🙂

  7. The Photonomad

    Well thank you for that. And may you have a wonderful week as well (I’m sorry I was a bit slow getting to my comments this week). R

  8. The Photonomad

    Oh we’re saturated with historic buildings just about everywhere. We’ve lost quite a few over the years but due to the hard work of many volunteers, a lot of our heritage is being saved. The house we lived in in Lincolnshire (before the boat) had records dating back to the 1600s – that, in our terms, is a new build! R

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