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The House of Heart

One for the lady who loves cows…

The House of Heart

The House of Heart

20 Responses to “The House of Heart”

  1. House of Heart

    She is beautiful! She seems to love Selfies, I can relate to that. Thank you Richard. I have named her Holly.

  2. The Photonomad

    Now, my problem is, she was one of many and so finding Holly again might be difficult but she’s out there chomping down on the grass somewhere!

  3. The Photonomad

    Holly very privileged because she lives on Marken – – that was once an island but isn’t any more. There’s now a long causeway which connects Marken to the mainland. Had I looked closer I could have taken the number of Holly’s ear tag and would have been able to find her again for a better image……..maybe with make-up and pearls?

  4. House of Heart

    She is quite lovely dear Richard. I am a friend of all animals (unless they bite). I will have to research Marken. I am very pleased with your selection, she is so very sweet.

  5. House of Heart

    None at all…are you sure? We have many biting animals here. Just today a man was working in his garden and a ten foot croc attacked him. It’s wild here.

  6. The Photonomad

    Eek! Nothing here in Holland that can eat you. I prefer to stay at the top of the food chain!

  7. The Photonomad

    Don’t tell anyone but the Netherlands are a well-kept secret. Wonderful food and wonderful places to visit here. Friendly people with a great sense of humour. (Don’t tell anyone!!!)

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