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The Eel & Herring Smokers

The smoked eel and herring stands in Monnickendam, Netherlands yesterday.

The Eel & Herring Smokers

The Eel & Herring Smokers

10 Responses to “The Eel & Herring Smokers”

  1. John

    Ugh, no thank you sir! Seafood and I have never crossed paths.

  2. John

    Fish, yes! When I was a kid, my family would catch Bass and Perch from the lake we lived on and cook them up! This i9s mid/late 1960’s to 1975. Good years.

  3. The Photonomad

    We were spoilt in the UK with abundant supplies of fish in and around UK waters but overfishing in European waters meant fish stocks seriously depleted. Eventually agreements were signed and quotas set but that could all come unravelled now that our very weak and wholly ineffective Prime Minister, Theresa May, has a appointed a controversial chap called Michael Gove as some kind of fisheries minister. This man courts controversy wherever he goes and, frankly, I wouldn’t put him in charge of a goldfish bowl, let alone our fisheries policy. Just another example of how our politics has become seriously unwired of late. The lunatics really are running the asylum!

  4. John

    Sorry to hear this. Over here, I hope we got rid of all the lunatics, starting with Obama being gone but he was at the end of his term anyway, thank God. I read the BBC News on my iPad, seems nobody really likes the new Prime Minister. How’d she get elected?

  5. The Photonomad

    A question many people are asking! At the moment in the UK we have a ‘hung parliament’ meaning that no political party has an overall majority. The current government (and I use that term laughingly) is a Conservative government but they’ve had to do a really shabby deal with a political party from Norther Ireland in order to cling on to power. So, the Conservative government led by Prime Minister Theresa May is dribbling on but there are constant rumours about Theresa being sacked by her own people. She just can’t put a foot right at the moment and people have lost what little confidence they have in her. And, when we have a situation like this, we start to see our politicians (of all colours) behaving like the lizards they truly are. My basic rule is that politicians, these days, are simply not to be trusted. Our politics are a shambles, our country is in a mess and the politicians bicker like spoilt children whilst the country goes to the dogs. They all need their heads knocking together! Oh….and then there is Brexit. I feel so much better after that rant!

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