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The Really Weird Kiss

What happens when you play with MacPhun’s Photo Studio. Seriously spooky!



9 Responses to “The Really Weird Kiss”

  1. The Photonomad

    Beyond spooky! I was using Macphuns FX Photo Studio. It took a very normal photograph and turned it into something very strange. The stuff of nightmares I think!

  2. John

    I looked for that app, where is it? It reminds me of PhotoBooth on my iPad. Really cool image!

  3. John

    I downloaded the trial today, used it briefly. Will use it more, see if it works for me.

  4. The Photonomad

    You can have a lot of fun with the symmetry filter which, basically, just cuts your image up and sticks it back together again in a different way. Some really strange effects. Looking forward to seeing your results. R

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