2 Replies to “The Always Awkward Hung Up on the Gate Moment”

  1. Christy B – Christy B is a blogger, poet, and feminist. As the owner of When Women Inspire, she supports female initiatives to positively impact and change the world.
    Christy B says:

    Hilarious title.. of course I had to click! Great photo in B&W

  2. Richard Broom Photography – Banff, Scotland – Richard is a chap who takes a great many photographs and dabbles with things like Photoshop....
    The Photonomad says:

    Thank you. I had been taking a photograph of the little girl (now grown up) sitting on the gate. As she got off the gate her shirt became snagged and she found her self dangling. No injuries and dignity was soon restored. That same little girl will shortly be going to University in the UK. When her family came the UK from Romania, this little girl spoke not word of English. She is now doing so very well at school and will, I’m sure, do equally well when she goes to University. Same little girl in the potato post which came later.

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