The Hot Lips


This one will take some explaining!

We pass by a canal everyday when we take the dog for a walk and, in amongst the weeds, we very occasionally see a fish chomping on the weed.  Now, on the photograph below you can just make out the fish and its lips.

When the fish is nearer the surface, we see that its lips are a very definite red/orange colour – hence the name – ‘Hot Lips’  (we are old enough to remember MASH).  As with all our nature endeavours, we are clueless about the name of the fish (other than ‘Hot Lips’ of course) but it will be a freshwater fish. The challenge now is to get a better photograph of Hot Lips for all my readers (both of them!).

So, we will be waiting anxiously with camera rampant for Hot Lips to reveal herself to us (she is, we have decided, decidedly female – after all, who else wears lipstick?).

The Hot Lips

2 Replies to “The Hot Lips”

  1. Kind of spooky! My mother and I used to watch every episode Mash. It’s still on over here.

  2. Richard Broom Photography – Banff, Scotland – Richard is a chap who takes a great many photographs and dabbles with things like Photoshop....
    The Photonomad says:

    Very spooky but elusive fish. I normally see it when I haven’t got the camera with me!

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