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The Nearest Thing to Home…

Lincolnshire – my home county

The Home County

The Home County

9 Responses to “The Nearest Thing to Home…”

  1. Maureen Sudlow

    We lived there for six months when our children were little…a wee village called Brant Broughton

  2. The Photonomad

    We lived in nearby Swinderby (there used to be an RAF base there) and I used to go through Brant Broughton several times a week on my way to jobs. Small world!!! some good friends of ours work in Brant Broughton.

  3. The Photonomad

    Goodness! So was my father but he wasn’t a student at Cranwell, he did his National Service there. A beautiful RAF camp (as they go). The aircraft from Cranwell, Conningsby, Scampton (the Red Arrows) and Waddington used to fill the skies over our house in Swinderby all day. Occasional we would see the Battle of Britain Memorial Flight (Lancaster, Spitfire, Hurricane) go over. We lived right on the edge of what was RAF Swinderby which closed years ago but the runways were still there and, because it is highly visible from the air, it was often a turning point for pilots on flying exercises.

  4. Maureen Sudlow

    small world! I remember visiting a few of those airfields while we were there. We were there in 1974

  5. The Photonomad

    We lived right on the southern perimeter of Swinderby Airfield. It had closed as an RAF station quite a while before we arrived but the runways were still there. I understand that the airfield is now being dug up so they can extract gravel and below the gravel, coal. Scampton and Waddington are still with us but I think Scampton is on borrowed time. Conningsby is also still active. There were many, many airfields in Lincolnshire at the end of WW2 but most have them have gone now. 50,000 aircrew were lost during WW2 – a staggering number of brave people who went off but never came back. A tragic loss of life.

  6. The Photonomad

    I can’t begin to understand how the aircrews must have felt when the set off, night after night, knowing full well they might not come back. Incredibly brave people. The air crew losses during WW2 were staggering and, looking at the wider picture, the total loss of life during WW2 represents a shocking and pointless waste of human life. We never seem to learn. Watching the news this morning – some much conflict in today’s world. Let’s hope we don’t tip over into another world war.

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