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The Shop

The Shop

13 Responses to “The Shop”

  1. John

    Beautiful architecture Richard. Did someone misspell the word Center? Centre? hehe

  2. The Photonomad

    I think we stole the word centre from the French and then the Americans stole it from us and made it there own. You say tomato, we say tomarto!

    It seems it was your Noah Webster who decided (quite sensibly in my view) to tidy up the English language and make it more sensible. Try telling that to my wife (and English graduate) who, unlike me, can spell. My spelling is terrible and always has been. I think the spelling part of my brain has a few short circuits in it. I personally believe that spellcheckers were invented for me personally! I guess I should have worked harder at school!! R

  3. John

    It was Noah Webster who took the letter U out of our words which I think stinks. There’s no good reason to have done this. You don’t like the letter U in your words?

  4. The Photonomad

    Worry not John. We have plenty of surplus Us over here if you ever feel the need for a bit of reinsertion! I wonder if Noah agonised over the u in words like quick, queen, quote etc. Her Majesty the Qeen would not, I’m sure, approve! But, some things have gone completely. The long S has completely vanished: Maybe we should start a campaign for the restoration (or should I say reftoration) of the long S. Of course there are those people who would tell us to suck off if we tried to do that! R

  5. John

    There was simply no darn good reason to mangle the spellings like he did. Stupid. I try to use the correct spellings here and there, hope I get them right. I’ve noticed one other person I follow here in the States who also corrects the spelling. Our dialect is so weird too, just not true English is it? And within that dialect there are many more as it is in the UK. I only know this from TV programmes.

  6. The Photonomad

    I did hear somebody say that American English is more like the English people used to speak when people started crossing the Atlantic and settling in our country. Well, it is our country you know! We were only joking when we said you could have it for yourselves. After all, our King George was, when he handed over what was to become the US, certifiably mad and so all bets are off!!

  7. John

    I’ve read about him being mad before. Don’t you have it backward? Americans are in large part as best I know, British in terms of genealogy. We didn’t leave North America for the UK.

  8. The Photonomad

    I’m not sure. I think you have a lot of Poles, Italians, Irish and lots of other European countries over there. I think we (Brits) were a bit quicker at grabbing the land than some of the others but then, when King George went bonkers, and it all came unravelled. I think it might have been something King George said. Had to smile the other day when your president was talking about only hiring only the rich folk (the poor folk need not apply!) – and there it is in the speech my Mr Lincoln – “We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.” So, you’re okay as long as you don’t want to seek high office at the moment – unless you are financially equal with the other rich folk that is. Or, as we say in the UK, we’re all equal but some are more equal than the others. Power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely. Some things never change! We seem to have a bugger’s muddle on both sides of the Atlantic!

  9. John

    I didn’t see where Mr. Trump made that statement but I believe you. He’s still the best person to set in the Oval Office in a very long time. Say Ronald Reagan. He was awesome.

  10. The Photonomad

    I don’t know if you have Marmite in the US: I love it but plenty of people hate it. We gave some to an American friend of ours years ago. He nearly choked! I think you could say it is an acquired taste. Judging from TV reports from the US, Mr Trump is a bit like Marmite. People either love him or don’t. I come at these things from a different direction – I just don’t trust any politicians these days!

  11. John

    I’ve never seen that item in any store here, ever. Not that it isn’t sold by speciality stores. Mr. Trump is hated deeply by most of those nasty Democrats. They are not the Dems of the 1940’s to be sure.

    I prefer to call them Socialists or extreme hard leftists. Nasty, vile, spitting vitriol spew at a president that loves what this country used to be before the Socialists took root and have so badly damaged us with the political correctness and other as far as I’m concerned, Communist beliefs.

    So much I could say about this but I am a very far-right Conservative and still believe children should say the Pledge of Allegiance in school every morning. I did.

    Should children have to pass a class where they are taught and study our Constitution to graduate? Absolutely! Instead of all the perversion our public indoctrination system teaches today.

  12. The Photonomad

    Woo! I think I’m mellowing over the years. I think I must be in the middle politically (which means you get hit by the traffic going in both directions!). I just wish the politicians would stop bickering and get on with the job of putting things right. They remind me of bickering children, especially when they show up on the TV. They all seem to treat politics as some sort of game but what they do directly affects all our lives and, because of dubious politics, some parts of the world are being quite literally being blown apart. We could achieve truly great things if we’d all stop arguing for a moment or two!

  13. The Photonomad

    PS: if you send me your address to – – I’ll send you some Marmite so you can judge for yourself. It might get impounded by your Food and Drug administration on arrival. I can pretty much guarantee you will either love it, or hate it. By the way, it is made from yeast extract and like all good ‘British’ ideas, it appears it was invented by a German! Marmite is full of vitamins and good, I think, for things like scurvy!

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