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The Boat Cleaner

The Boat Cleaner

The Boat Cleaner

7 Responses to “The Boat Cleaner”

  1. The Photonomad

    Hello John. Yes. The boat that is parked on the pontoon behind ours. It looks very American in terms of design. Maybe they turned the wrong way when they came out of Key West labour. Notice that comments on your new site are shut down and so I can’t make comments about rattle snakes, McDonalds and the inadvisability of driving through a carwash with a mag mount on the roof!!! Trust all is well in Nevada! R

  2. John

    thanks for the comment. Comments should not be shut down, having all kinds of issues with this site now sine moving to the Business plan. Totally sucks! I’ll go have a look, thanks for the tip.

  3. John

    Richard, the comments are enabled for the site, did you see the Leave A Comment link at the top of each post?

  4. The Photonomad

    I’m on the business plan also. Different to the WP I used to know but okay for me at the moment…

  5. The Photonomad

    I normally look at other peoples’ site using Reader from within the WP blog creation pages. I see that when I view your site in Reader there isn’t a comments link. When I go into your main site then I can find comments when I drill down to each post. To turn on comments in Reader I went to Settings and then discussion and clicked the appropriate boxes. I think it worked for me! Trust all is well in Las Vegas (watch out for aerial stealing car washing machines!)

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