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The Rare Sight

They are fast disappearing in the UK.  Pity.

The Rare Sight

The Rare Sight

6 Responses to “The Rare Sight”

  1. John

    I readsomewhere that these phone boxes are slowly going away, seems a shame really.

  2. The Photonomad

    Yes although you can buy one if you would like one outside your house! You’ll see in the image the sleeping bag in the bottom of one of the telephone boxes. Homeless people sleep in them at night. Ladies (and now men) of the night (people you probably call hookers!) advertise their services in them and they often smell of urine. I think they have come to represent the sad breakdown of society in the UK. I remember a time when people who lived near telephone boxes used to clean them and leave flowers in them. Those days have gone sadly. It’s now a dog eat dog world. Come to think of it, our dog behaves better than some of the people you come across these days!

  3. John

    Wow, I’m sorry this has happened and I agree with you. People today are selfish as heck, they are here anyway. Right down to the nasty drivers here. It may be a good thing that the boxes are vanishing then, if that’s the best use they have now.

  4. The Photonomad

    You are so right! I hate driving in the UK. So much intolerance on the roads. Angry drivers. Much prefer to live here in Holland where people are so very polite. We’ve lost the plot in the UK when it comes to good manners!

  5. John

    I thought the English were huge on manners? I’ve never been so how could I know right? Did you mention your moving house back to the UK?

  6. The Photonomad

    Yes. We’re selling the boat and we’re planning to move back to a quiet part of the UK. Plans might change and much depends on whether we sell the boat. If we don’t sell the boat, then no problem. Holland is a fabulous place to live. Maybe we’ll come to Nevada!!

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