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The Statue and the Clock

The Statue and the Clock

The Statue and the Clock

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  1. The Photonomad

    Thank you Maureen. Some wonderful statues in and around London. The statue in the images is a huge thing called Boadicea and Her Daughters – – Boadicea led and uprising against the occupying Romans in England and I would imagine the Romans saw Boadicea as a terrorist (in today’s terms). At the time the statue was built (and in common with many statues in London), the women are bare breasted. Anyone who knows the UK climate would know, however, that running around in a chariot with your bits hanging out would probably lead to frostbite! The girl in my image is one of the daughters who just happened to line up nicely with the clock at the top of the Elizabeth Tower in the Palace of Westminster (otherwise and often referred to usually as ‘Big Ben’ which is the name of the bell we all hear on the BBC World Service). I keep meaning to take a photograph of Churchill’s statue which is also close to the Houses of Parliament. Naughty tourists put stuff on top of Winston’s head! – Winston would not be amused!!!

  2. The Photonomad

    I’m not a proper photographer (no training). I just get lucky from time to time. You should see some of the photographs that I don’t publish!!!

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