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The Unhappy Monkey

They always look so unhappy…

The Unhappy Monkey

The Unhappy Monkey

4 Responses to “The Unhappy Monkey”

  1. aussiestreetpics

    Superb shot….. I have a face that looks a little like that and I’m not too happy about it either. 🙂

  2. The Photonomad

    I think we all have days like that! But monkeys seem to have a monopoly on looking fed up. But, if I was locked in a zoo, then I would probably be unhappy too. That said, the Artis Zoo in Amsterdam is very nice and I guess you could argue that the animals are well fed, cared for and there are no predators. Perhaps the monkeys know something we don’t!!!

  3. The Photonomad

    You are so right! So many animals on the critically endangered list. We’ve really managed to mess up this planet good and proper. We are not worthy!

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