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The Strange Unfolding Plants From Outer Space (perhaps)…

I’m not sure what these strange unfolding plants are but I’m sure they’re from some other planet!

Alien Plants

Alien Plants

6 Responses to “The Strange Unfolding Plants From Outer Space (perhaps)…”

  1. The Photonomad

    Very many thanks for the reblog. I really must try and find out what kind of plant it is. Richard

  2. The Photonomad

    Wow! Difficult to believe that something could be around for 250 millions years. I have the same feeling about distances in space. Was watching a programme on the BBC by the great Jim Al-Khalili the other night. The distances travelled by light from distant stars, galaxies and so on are mind-bogglingly large. As for the strange plant. I really must buy a botany book and learn more about these things. Sue is the gardener around here but we live on a boat and so no garden! That said, the boat is now for sale and so we might be back on dry land again soon + garden and time to study botany, astronomy and more!

  3. The Photonomad

    Not nearly as amazing as your images of desert flowers. Would love to do a photoshoot in the deserts of Nevada. Would you mind clearing all the snakes and scorpions first please. R

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