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The Senior Citizen

The Senior Citizen

The Senior Citizen

8 Responses to “The Senior Citizen”

  1. The Photonomad

    Thank you. I was invited to visit an old folks home to take photographs. I was surprised to find many of the residents were suffering from dementia and other age related illnesses. I was expecting some spritely old folk but that wasn’t the case. I took the photographs but never used or published any of them (apart from the lady on the blog). So very sad to see these senior citizens in a distressed or confused state. The lady in the photograph was fine and was happy and smiling most of the time. I caught her when she was complaining about the cool wind in the garden and she looks much sadder than she actually was. She was, in fact, cheery, lucid and happy. Overall it made me think about the care some of our senior citizens in the UK get. Not always good and plenty of cases of abuse against old folk. All very upsetting. The care of the elderly (and other vulnerable folk) is pushed out to the private sector and some care providers should really hang their heads in shame. Sorry for the rant!

  2. Maureen Sudlow

    Don’t apologise. I also am appalled at how our elderly are treated. Most care providers here are only interested in profit and I have seen the sad results.

  3. The Photonomad

    It is a very sad state of affairs. According to news reports our health system is on its knees. I’ve just checked and the UK is the world’s 5th largest economy………and we can’t look after our old folks. Something is clearly wrong. Perhaps we should have a general election. Eek! And so we are!!!!

  4. Maureen Sudlow

    Yes – saw that – more turmoil. But the good news is that here in New Zealand a big pay increase has just been granted to care workers.

  5. The Photonomad

    I’m coming to New Zealand!!!! My son is a paramedic. Has saved many lives, delivered many babies and helped people for over 20 years now. No real pay rise for several years now. They way our National Health Service staff are treated these days leaves much to be desired. And yet we’re spending £67 billon on a missile system over the next 30 years. Madness in a mad, mad world. Let’s hope for a better world.

  6. Maureen Sudlow

    faith is the assurance of things hoped for… I am glad you have a son who gives so much. The real carers are always undervalued.

  7. The Photonomad

    Thank you Maureen. Yes. All of our ‘first responder’ services – police, fire, ambulance, nurses and so on are very definitely undervalued and underpaid. Worse, people from all those services are becoming more and more demoralised and many good and highly trained people leave these most important services and seek employment in other sectors and even other countries. A terrible waste and our politicians (of all colours) have consistently failed to turn this terrible situation around and many would argue that, when they to meddle, they just make things worse. My son tells me that staff turnover levels are reaching record highs and sick leave is through the roof. These are all symptoms of failed organisations riddle with systemic problems. Generally our public services are falling apart we have a government (which might change soon!) that seems desperate to privatise everything by stealth. I have no strong political leanings (I’ve come to distrust all politicians!!) but surely, we could, as a country, do much more and better. I live in hope!

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