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The Bridge

Plenty of these in Amsterdam and the Netherlands…

The Bridge

The Bridge

28 Responses to “The Bridge”

  1. Heartafire

    A great shot. In November I took a Viking Cruise along the Rhine starting at Bern, Switzerland up through Austria, Denmark and Germany, etc. This photo is a reminder of my adventure! Thank you Richard.

  2. The Photonomad

    A pleasure and, if you ever find yourself in Amsterdam, please do drop in. Be quick! Our boats for sale now and, when it sells, it is back to the UK for us! R

  3. Heartafire

    You are too kind…the only time I have been in the UK is when I flew over to make my flight to Bern to catch the Viking Tour…and after living in Germany for nearly two years, shame on me. I have never even visited my ancestral home of Wales. Perhaps some day.

  4. The Photonomad

    You’re Welsh!! You would get on well with Sue who is a Scot. The Celts stick together! I’m English through and through. You should visit but best to visit the UK in the summer. It is a bit bleak in the winter months. R

  5. Heartafire

    It was very bleak when we landed there at the end of November. Yes, my father’s father was from Wales. Can’t you tell by the red hair…we are becoming extinct, only 10% of us in the world and the majority from Wales and Scotland. Hats off to Sue…we Celts do stick together. H

  6. The Photonomad

    Well, as a young man (when I had hair), my hair was red but my family comes from the East of the UK and so I can only assume that I can attribute my red hair to my Viking ancestors who came over from Scandinavia in their boats for a spot of rape and pillage! Interestingly, I have two grandsons and one of them has red hair. I didn’t realise there were just 10% of people with red hair. Quite clearly we are a select group!

  7. Heartafire

    Oh indeed we are special lol! The Scandinavian Vikings were a handsome lot. My son is a blonde. He escaped the red head gene but I have many redheads in my family. I hope the day is going great for you R! H

  8. Heartafire

    I tried to comment on your amazing photo of the giraffe in the bush but found no way to enter my comment. It’s a beautiful shot.

  9. The Photonomad

    I find that the comments bit on blog postings sometimes doesn’t work. I guess something must be wrong under the hood at WordPress. I can’t help looking at a giraffe and wondering who designed that!? And thank you for the nice comment. R

  10. The Photonomad

    Handsome and more than a little naughty! I don’t think Viking ancestry would stand up in Court as an excuse for……….well, you can perhaps imagine! And yes, a busy day. Our bow thruster broke and so I have been trying to fix it. And you know how difficult your day can be if your thruster doesn’t work properly!!

  11. Heartafire

    You’re welcome. I feel pretty sure it is WP glitch…the giraffe is amazing and you captured this so beautifully.

  12. The Photonomad

    You are so very kind – to both me and the giraffe. Thank you. I don’t do enough animal photography (apart from the dog of course – but she’s not viewed as an animal). Time for a trip to Amsterdam zoo I think!

  13. The Photonomad

    Stil not thrusting. I’ve reached the outer limit of my engineering skills. An engineer is coming next week to fix. Happy Easter!

  14. The Photonomad

    Thank you so much. And hope you’re having a wonderful Easter break over there. Feet up and lots of chocolate I think! R

  15. Heartafire

    I will be in Miami over Easter where my son attends university. I am looking forward to seeing him! O, yes, there must be chocolate ! Have a lovely Day R.

  16. The Photonomad

    Have a great trip to Miami and hope your son is well. Enjoy the chocolate. Looking forward to seeing some Miami images. R

  17. Heartafire

    I will definitely bring some back with me Richard. Keep your wonderful photography coming! H

  18. The Photonomad

    Thanks you. And yes, gradually emptying my hard drives of years of images I’d forgotten I had! Might have to blow the dust of the camera and go take some new images quite soon! Have a great weekend and spoil your son! Richard

  19. Heartafire

    By all means, get out there with your camera Richard, you are an amazing photographer. My son is a gem, I am so fortunate in today atmosphere to have raised such a fine young man.
    Thank you so much Richard…H

  20. The Photonomad

    Take care of that boy. He needs to look after you in your old age!!! Have a good and safe trip and looking forward to your return. I will set forth with my camera rampant! R

  21. Heartafire

    Cheers! My old age…My wish is to live long enough to be a problem for him 🙂 not really! Get out there and take some pics! H

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