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The Purple Haze

Fellow blogger, John McLawson (you can find him here) has been posting photographs of flowers taken in the Nevada desert.  Flowers in John’s desert somehow make it despite the arid conditions.  So, with John in mind, I took this photograph of flowers growing here in Holland (as usual, no idea what sort of flowers they are).  There is never a shortage of water here in the Netherlands (indeed it is raining today) and of course the Dutch are famous for their flowers.  Fortunately, we don’t have rattlesnakes in the Netherlands either and so I do urge John to watch where he walks when wandering in the desert taking photographs.

The Purple Haze

The Purple Haze

The Sad Duck Story…

The image shows one of the muscovy ducks we used to rescue each year in the Spring.  If we protected them, then predators wouldn’t take them and they’d go on to repay us by pooping everywhere around the house!

Here in the marina in Holland where we’re now tied up, we’ve just watched a mother duck try to look after her clutch of nine ducklings.  On the first day she had nine ducklings.  She was down to six ducklings on the second day.  She only had three ducklings yesterday and today, she has none. This is really sad.  Nature can be so very cruel.  We don’t know but we think the magpies hereabouts are the villains of the peace.

The Sad Duck Story...

The Sad Duck Story…

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