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The Big Bird

The Big Bird

The Big Bird

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  1. The Photonomad

    I was heavily influenced by our Doctor (GP) in the UK. We had something like a nuclear arms race going on but with camera equipment – not bombs. And so I spent far too much money trying to keep up with the Doctor! I use Canon cameras and have a 1DS1 and a 5D Mk III. I have a few lens but love shooting with the big lens 100-400 lens (cost a fortune!). Lots of herons around here and so the 100-400 is perfect. We have kingfishers here too but they are very timid and difficult to photograph. I’ve been trying for years to get a kingfisher sitting on a branch with a fish in its beak. To date, failure! Much prefer taking photographs of people. I’m a frustrated portrait photographer! By the way, our doctor in the UK was Pete Bridgwood but don’t go to him if you’re a photographer – you’ll never get to discuss your ailment; too much talk about photography instead!!! Here he is: – Richard

  2. The Photonomad

    Yes. If I could afford it I would buy more lenses but retired now and so I have to make do with what I’ve got. I am glad I went a bit bonkers though and bought the big lens. Richard

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