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The Eyes in the Sky

In the back of an RAF Shackleton maritime reconnaissance aircraft (once secret, now in a museum)

The Eyes in the Sky

The Eyes in the Sky

8 Responses to “The Eyes in the Sky”

  1. Maureen Sudlow

    I knew you were using Photoshop, but it doesn’t take away from the skill involved, and the choice of shot

  2. The Photonomad

    I’m not sure about skill. There’s so much I don’t know about photography. If I was better I’m sure my images would be more considered but, when you’re taking photographs in the street or of highly mobile grandchildren, I stick the camera on automatic and hope for the best. Photoshop allows me to tune out the less desirable element in images (the smoke and mirrors part). Overall, I find photography is a sad affliction but golf is probably worse! I’m sure I should be doing more important stuff but I do enjoy tinkering with images. I grew up in the days of film and so having digital cameras and software makes the whole process much more enjoyable – and no smell of chemicals! Richard.

  3. Maureen Sudlow

    I’m so glad I’m not the only one who sticks my camera on automatic and hopes for the best. I think I’m too old to learn about the whole process of aperture, exposure and all that other stuff…I just have fun

  4. The Photonomad

    For years I shot on automatic but then learned how to shoot on manual. It takes much longer to get the image but it can be interesting. Shooting on anything other than automatic hopeless when trying to photograph children. By the time you’re set up, they’re gone!

  5. Tooting Hustle

    I loved your photos on eyes, but i notice there is no comment section that I could see. Would just like to say they hold more an 1000 words within them and are thought provoking. Well done and keep up the good work x

  6. The Photonomad

    Thank you for the nice comments. I’m fiddling with the settings to try and get comments working. All of the stuff under the hood is a bit of a mystery to me!! Best wishes. Richard

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