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The Lizard

The Lizard

The Lizard

4 Responses to “The Lizard”

  1. elmediat

    Sorry – I did not expect the link to be active in my comment. After you check it out, best to remove it. I consider it suspect because of the way it claimed your name.

  2. The Photonomad

    Thank you for that and also for the kind comments. Not sure what happened there. Somebody hijacked my URL!!! Best wishes. R

  3. elmediat

    I noticed that the email notification I received gives accurate links to your blog address and to recent posts, unlike the notification menu that appears at the side of my blog . Some glitch in WordPress that the scammers have now taken advantage.

  4. The Photonomad

    Ah….these pesky spam people! I’ll try to send a note to the WordPress people and I hope they’ll close the loophole. But, in the meantime, thank you so much for looking at my images. I’m retired now and wandering around with a camera is the perfect way to spend the quiet days. Great to be able to slow down and just watch the world go about its business! Best wishes. Richard

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