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The Brain

This is half of Charles Babbage’s brain which is on display in the Science Museum in London.  The other half of Charles’s brain is in a similar jar at the Royal College of Surgeons in London.  I’m not sure I would want to end up in one jar, let alone two!

The Brain

The Brain

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  1. The Photonomad

    I was really surprised to see this somewhat ghoulish exhibit on display, especially at the Science Museum but it is the brain of a brilliant man. I think the idea was to try and work out what made his brain very different to the brains of ‘normal’ folk. I do believe that Einstein’s brain has also been cut up and distributed. The grim reaper gathers us all in eventually but I would rather not end up in a jar on a shelf somewhere and, in any event, my brain is composed largely of fresh air!!!

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