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The Flag Counter

I used to have Flag Counter on my previous blog site and now it is available for WordPress sites.  I love seeing where people who have visited my site come from.

You can get Flag Counter HERE.

If you look over to the righthand side of this page you’ll see the counter.

You can also login to your own page at Flag Counter and get visitor stats (daily, monthly, weekly and so on).

The Flag Counter

The Flag Counter

You can get instructions for installing Flag Counter from Flag Counter’s site but here’s some info form them for people who might have found that Flag Counter was not supported on some sites due to SSL issues.  Following to me from Flag Counter:

“It may be that because your site uses SSL that you were told it was not supported. We now offer an SSL version of Flag Counter for use on encrypted sites. To generate an HTML code that uses SSL, please visit and be sure to check the “Use SSL” box before clicking the orange button.”

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